Beyond Ideas
Artificial superintelligence and its imapct on the future of humanity

This Cerebral Sips event stands as a premier occasion, thoughtfully crafted to demystify the complexities of artificial superintelligence for a broad audience. Within this exclusive soirée, the rich history and promising future of AI are elegantly intertwined with the allure of AI art, all while guests savor a curated selection of fine wines and craft cocktails.

Artificial Superintelligence heralds a new dawn for humanity, offering us an unprecedented opportunity to architect our own destiny. Freed from the constraints of a past where progress favored only a select few, we stand on the brink of creating a world that truly belongs to all. This vision for an inclusive future, however, hinges on a deep understanding of intelligence itself and the boundless potential it holds when unleashed.
Open Your MIND for new perspective on Artificial intelligence
what to expect
Embark on an enlightening voyage that spans from the cosmic expanses to the minuscule realms of quantum physics, traversing the fields of neuroscience and Maslow's Hierarchy, in pursuit of a scientific understanding of intelligence and its profound implications for humanity. Presented in accessible, everyday language, this event promises to engage your curiosity about the existence of free will and the essence of intelligence, all amid a showcase of captivating artwork by local artists who harness artificial intelligence in their creations.

 Join us as Mounir Shita, the Chief Scientist at the Global Economic Alliance (GEA), guides us through this intricate journey. He'll explore the multifaceted nature of intelligence, proposing a groundbreaking theory that seeks to unify our understanding across the cosmos and the potential of artificial superintelligence. This evening is not just an exploration but an invitation to envision how advanced intelligence systems could revolutionize our future, offering insights that bridge the cosmic and quantum scales to the transformative prospects of artificial superintelligence on Earth and beyond.
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Who Should Attend

The answer: Everyone who cares about the future of humanity.

Science Lovers

Are we masters of our destiny, or merely players on a predetermined stage? This eternal question of free will versus determinism takes center stage in the quest to understand intelligence—both human and artificial. Einstein's assertion of a deterministic universe challenges the very notion of free will, while quantum physicists introduce us to a world where countless parallel universes coexist, further complicating the debate. How do these profound concepts intersect with the development of artificial superintelligence? This event promises an engaging exploration of these questions, blending philosophy with cutting-edge science. Prepare for an evening filled with stimulating discussions and insights that will captivate any science enthusiast. Join us to dive deep into the philosophical and scientific underpinnings of intelligence, free will, and the future of AI.

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Business Leaders

Dive into the future at our event, where the unfolding realm of artificial superintelligence and ambient intelligence isn't just explored—it's brought to life. As a business leader, you're invited to transcend the fleeting AI hype and immerse yourself in the science that will redefine industries and society. Discover the pivotal role you can play in a world seamlessly powered by superintelligent systems. This isn't just about foreseeing the future; it's about actively shaping it.

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AI Enthusiast

Artificial Intelligence captivates many, yet only a select few dive deep into its core. The rise of Large Language Models (LLMs) might suggest we're on the cusp of birthing machines capable of genuine thought—a notion more hype than reality. Authentic intelligence demands a foundation rooted in science, a criterion LLMs presently fall short of meeting. This event promises a venture beyond the facade, into the realm of scientific inquiry into intelligence, charting a conceivable journey towards superintelligence. Join fellow enthusiasts in uncovering the scientific pathways that could lead us to the dawn of true thinking machines.

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AI Investors

In the fast-paced world of AI investments, discerning genuine breakthroughs from fleeting trends is paramount for ensuring long-term returns. The current landscape, dominated by the buzz around chatbots, presents a challenge in distinguishing sustainable innovations from mere hype. This event is tailored for investors seeking clarity and depth in their AI investment strategy. Offering a comprehensive historical perspective, it equips you with the insights needed to accurately evaluate the potential and limitations of AI technologies. Join us to refine your investment acumen, ensuring your portfolio is not just current but future-proofed for the transformative journey of artificial intelligence.

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Keynote Highlights
Has the AGI-Community Rejected Science?
In a daring departure from centuries of innovation built upon scientific discovery, the field of AGI research stands accused of sidestepping the bedrock of scientific understanding. Alan Turing, a giant in the realms of mathematics and engineering, inadvertently set this precedent with his assertion that the question 'Can machines think?' was "too meaningless to deserve discussion."

This pivotal moment has since anchored AGI development in a realm of engineering ambition untethered from the foundational principles of scientific inquiry. For nearly seven decades, we have witnessed a relentless pursuit of engineering marvels devoid of a grounded scientific theory of intelligence. This approach not only challenges the historical symbiosis between science and engineering but ventures into what could be seen as a form of science denial. 
Can Intelligence Exist if Free Will is an Illusion?
Our journey to define intelligence extends beyond mere definitions, venturing into the very essence of what intelligence entails. This exploration surfaces a provocative challenge rooted in mainstream physics: the assertion that free will, a foundational aspect attributed to intelligence, may not actually exist. This assertion prompts a crucial inquiry—without free will, can true intelligence exist?

Delving into this quandary reveals a universe where Einstein's deterministic principles seemingly clash with the inherent uncertainty that characterizes our understanding of quantum mechanics. According to some interpretations, events at the quantum level unfold with an element of randomness, suggesting outcomes aren't strictly predetermined.

This perspective introduces a fascinating puzzle: if the fabric of our reality is woven from threads of both predictability and chance, where does intelligence, with its creative spontaneity and capacity for choice, fit into the picture? Can what we recognize as intelligence emerge in a universe where the concept of making choices is underpinned by the unpredictable dance of quantum mechanics? This question challenges us to rethink the nature of intelligence in a world where the traditional notion of free will is scrutinized by the very laws that govern the cosmos.
A Theory of Intelligence For the Entire Cosmos
The Theory of General Intelligence isn't a theory "good enough" for AGI development. From the get-go we aimed at understanding the nature of intelligence so we could develop a theory to explain any intelligence across the vast cosmos.

The only thing we for sure have in common with another civilization on the other side of the universe is that we're all made of electrons, neutrons, and protons. This reductionist view is what we used to explain intelligence at the level of particles.
The Theory of General intelligence bases its findings on a new interpretation of Quantum Mechanics called The Flexible Block Universe, a quantum interpretation of Einstein's deterministic block universe.

The theory also include machine implementable concepts to harness the act of thinking, comprehension, and acting - like Comprehension Factor and Causality Hierarchy.
The Master Algorithm
In artificial intelligence there is a dream of implementing general or superintelligence into a single algorithm. This single algorithm, or master algorithm as it is often called, is often compared to the theory of everything in physics.

But can such an algorithm potentially exist. One single algorithm that could, in theory, learn everything that is possible to learn, might seem like a tall order. And many are skeptic to such an algorit

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