Beyond Ideas

In the arc of progress, science once flourished on the bedrock of philosophy, while engineering thrived on scientific discoveries, collectively propelling us from the dawn of civilization to the heights of modern technology. Yet, in our rush for advancement, we've untethered engineering from its scientific roots, prioritizing profit over foundational understanding. To truly advance, we must reforge these connections, honoring the intricate dance of science, engineering, and philosophy that has long driven human achievement.

Research areas

DALL·E 2024-04-05 10.28.03 - Create a minimalist image on a black background that represents the engineering of superintelligence, without any text. The image should use a few vib
Artificial Superintelligence

Research focus on deriving a scalable machine implementable master algorithm from the Theory of General Intelligence, global architecture, control, ethics, and privacy.

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DALL·E 2024-04-05 10.58.06 - Create a minimalist image on a black background that represents the nature of intelligence within the context of the Flexible Block Universe and the t
Nature of Intelligence

Research focus on expanding our knowledge of the universe and the nature of intelligence. Specific interest is the relationship between entropy and intelligence, Quantalouge language, and the relationship between Maslow's Hierarchy and Theory of General Intelligence.

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DALL·E 2024-04-05 10.50.43 - Create a minimalist image on a black background that symbolizes a new economic theory based on the theory of general intelligence. The image should vi

Research focus on deriving a scientific economic theory, powered by artificial superintelligence, and based on the Theory of General Intelligence. Other areas: Governance, Societal Norms, Education, and more.

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