Beyond Ideas
Keynote presenter
Mounir Shita
Chief Scientist, GEA

Mounir Shita, a pioneering thought leader in the field of artificial intelligence and intelligence theory, stands at the intersection of advanced computational models and philosophical inquiry into the nature of intelligence. With over 25 years of dedicated research in intelligence, AI, AGI, and ASI, Mounir has developed deep insights into the complexities and potential of these technologies. Born and raised in Oslo, Norway, with a rich Moroccan heritage, Mounir's bicultural background has deeply influenced his approach to the complex questions surrounding artificial general intelligence (AGI) and artificial superintelligence (ASI).

Mounir's groundbreaking work, notably the Theory of General Intelligence and the concept of the Flexible Block Universe (FBU), challenges conventional understandings of time, causality, and the cosmos. His research redefines intelligence as a fundamental process in the universe, aimed at managing entropy and reordering spacetime. This perspective is not only philosophical but practical, providing a fresh framework for understanding both human and machine intelligence.

As the author of "Science of Intelligence," Mounir explores these themes with rigor and clarity, making profound scientific inquiries accessible to a broad audience. His work extends beyond theory into the realm of economic and societal transformation, where he envisions a new era of Cognitism—a system where artificial superintelligence powers ambient intelligence, catalyzing a shift beyond traditional capitalist structures to enhance global well-being.

A key advocate for a science-first approach to AI, Mounir's insights are sought after by academic, industrial, and governmental bodies aiming to navigate the ethical and practical challenges of emerging technologies. His visionary outlook is complemented by a pragmatic approach to implementation, demonstrated through his leadership at the Global Economic Alliance, where cutting-edge AI technologies are tested and refined in real-world environments.

Mounir Shita continues to inspire and lead discussions on the future of intelligence, emphasizing the importance of understanding AI's potential to shape our world ethically and effectively. His work not only anticipates the future of technology but actively shapes it, making him a central figure in the ongoing dialogue about the role of intelligence in society.

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