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Science of Intelligence Lecture Tour

Join us for a groundbreaking journey at “Cerebral Sips,” where Mounir Shita unveils the first comprehensive and universal theory of intelligence, with a special focus on the future of artificial superintelligence.

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Scientific progress happens daily. But rarely does the general public get a peak into this progress unless you speak the complicated language of science and math. Cerebral Sips changes that by making sure every presenter clearly conveys complex concepts in plain English.

scholarship facility

We realize not everyone can afford tickets. Cerebral Sips offers limited funding to cover tickets for students. 

Intellectual Wine Evening

Cerebral Sips lecture are not university style lectures. Enjoy wine, relax, connect with like-minded people while enjoying plain English lectures. 

global Lectures

Cerebral Sips take their lecture on the road to share with a many people as possible. If you leave near a major city, there is a good chance we'll stop by. 

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