Beyond Ideas
Progress towards the future is carved not by solitary pioneers, but through the concerted efforts of many, each forging ahead in their own domain. The greatest achievements emerge when these individual paths entwine, creating a formidable force that propels us all forward.

Each Cerebral Sips event proudly features one or more local researchers, offering them a platform to share their pioneering work. Our selection criteria are rigorous; we aim to transform every Cerebral Sips gathering into a holistic experience that delights both the mind and the senses. To achieve this, we insist that each presenter not only possesses profound knowledge but also excels in communicating complex scientific or engineering concepts in accessible, everyday language.

We place a strong emphasis on presentation style. Presenters are encouraged to eschew slides filled with bullet points or extensive text. Instead, slides should serve as a powerful visual aid, ideally with a single sentence or image that underscores the main message. This approach ensures that the spotlight remains on you, the speaker, enhancing your connection with the audience and making your insights truly resonate.

Furthermore, to preserve the integrity and focus of our gatherings, no presenter is permitted to present a product or pitch their company. Cerebral Sips is an evening dedicated to sharing scientific and/or engineering research, aimed at enlightening the audience about our collective efforts to usher humanity into a future enveloped in intelligence. Our goal is to foster an environment of knowledge exchange and inspiration, not commercial promotion.

Please complete the form below to be considered for a speaking opportunity. Each application must include a video showcasing your presentation skills, along with the quality of your slides. The video need not be professionally produced nor cover your intended topic; its purpose is to demonstrate your ability to engage an audience effectively. Feel free to use a mobile phone for the recording. Extensive editing for video quality is unnecessary—we're focusing solely on your aptitude as a presenter.

Nature of Intelligence

Any topic in exploring the nature of intelligence, what it is, and how we could implement it in machines. Please note, these topics would be judged on the quality of your scientific inquiry.


What can we expect from AGI and ASI? Or any related topic.

Ambient Intelligence

An environment where everything is connected and intelligent will change everything we know about life.

Ethics & Morals

AGI will force us to reexamine our ethical and moral frameworks. What should we expect?

Economics & Governance

How will a future AGI powered society be?


In line with our commitment to spotlighting local research, we generally do not cover travel expenses for presenters. Our preference leans towards local candidates who can share insights into the research being conducted within the local community. However, exceptions may be made for presenters who are exceptionally skilled and propose topics of significant interest. In such rare instances, we will consider providing support for travel and lodging expenses.

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