Beyond Ideas
Guest speaker Cerebral Sips Portland
Elan Taylor
Senior Research Scientist,
The Synthetic Sentience Research Foundation

Mr. Elan Taylor is a distinguished Senior Research Scientist at The Synthetic Sentience Research Foundation, specializing in creating a design language for Synthetic Sentience. His research focuses on a language for enhancing neural networks within a cell-based hierarchical structure. Holding a B.E.E. in Computer Science from The Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art in New York City, Elan has a rich industry background and has contributed extensively to the AI field through numerous publications and through multiple patents in parallel computing. Beyond his research, he actively designs personal robots for testing his algorithms that will inhabit his backyard for greeting friends as they enter his domain. From rabbits to a giant alligator, you won’t know what you will find when you come for a visit.


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