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Portland, Oregon

Artificial SuperIntelligence & Its impact on humanity

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May 23, 2024

5pm to 9pm Pacific Time


707 SW Washington St, 11th floor
Portland, OR 97205

Max Capacity: 100 people

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The science behind

Stepping beyond the hype of Large Language Models (LLMs) lies the transformative era of Artificial Superintelligence (ASI)—a force set to reshape our entire civilization.

"Cerebral Sips: Artificial Superintelligence & Its Impact on Humanity" offers an insider’s look into advanced research that intertwines philosophy, science, engineering, and economics, charting a course towards a groundbreaking future. Here, we will explore the immediate and lasting implications of this technological evolution across all industries.

In this event we embark on an electrifying journey, venturing into the enigmatic realm where artificial intelligence melds seamlessly with the frontiers of scientific exploration, inching us closer to the dawn of true artificial superintelligence. This thrilling adventure promises not only to unravel the complex tapestry of intelligence that underpins our existence but also to confront the monumental questions that shape our collective destiny: What implications does the advent of artificial superintelligence hold for humanity? Is it a harbinger of unparalleled progress, or does it portend potential peril?

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Exploring The Hidden Mysteries
Exploring The Hidden Mysteries

The Economics of 

Don't be mesmerized by the buzz around Large Language Models (LLMs). A fundamental shift is coming – the rise of artificial general intelligence (AGI) or artificial superintelligence (ASI) will redefine business as we know it. This event cuts through the hype to reveal what lurks behind, examining the economic implications and giving you the strategic foresight to lead in this new era.

Artificial superintelligence will give rise to Ambient Intelligence – environments that seamlessly adapt to individuals through interconnected devices, all orchestrated by ASI. This concept, explored by the European Union in the early 2000s, will reach its full potential with ASI's emergence. The short and long-term business implications are immense.

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Cerebral Sips Portland Presenters & Panelists
faris 3
Faris Mubarak
Marketing, GEA 

Dr. Javier Turek
Research Scientist, Intel Labs
Dr. Javier Turek is a distinguished Senior Research Scientist at Intel Labs, specializing in Artificial Intelligence. His research focuses on enhancing AI learning mechanisms for computer vision and natural language...

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1516267658491 (1)
Mounir Shita
Chief Scientist, GEA
Elan Taylor
Research Scientist,
The Synthetic Sentience Research Foundation
Mr. Elan Taylor is a distinguished Senior Research Scientist at The Synthetic Sentience Research Foundation, specializing in creating a design language for Synthetic Sentience. His research focuses on a language for...

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Allyson Klein
Principal, Tech Arena

Experienced marketing executive with proven track leading global marketing and communications for Fortune 500 brands. Deep knowledge of the semiconductor industry. Industry recognized leadership across marketing...

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Daniel Morris
Senior Partner, Morris + D'Angel

Why Attend?
Albert Einstein's wisdom that true understanding comes from being able to explain complex concepts in the simplest terms underpins our mission. At Cerebral Sips, every advanced science presentation and discussion is crafted in everyday language, empowering our audience to dive into the thrilling possibilities of the future with ease and excitement.
Science Enthusiasts

For those with a keen interest in science and the future of humanity, this evening offers a profound exploration into the potential of Artificial Superintelligence (ASI) to redefine human existence on our planet. ASI holds the promise of propelling humanity into uncharted territories of progress and innovation. Together, we'll delve into the myriad ways ASI could shape our world, from enhancing global healthcare to revolutionizing our economic systems.

AI Researchers

This evening is a beacon for AI researchers, guiding us back to the foundational aspirations of artificial intelligence—what we now envisage as artificial general intelligence (AGI) or artificial superintelligence (ASI). While the currents of hype have carried us from Deep Learning to Large Language Models, the question looms large: What lies beyond? Join us as we venture into the future of AI, exploring pathways that lead beyond today's achievements towards the realization of AGI and ASI.

Executives & Investors

This evening is an essential convergence for executives and investors seeking clarity in the AI landscape. We'll navigate beyond the hype, offering insights into AI's trajectory, pinpointing when and where strategic investments can catalyze transformative growth. If you're contemplating the future of AI and its investment potential, this gathering is indispensable.



pre-event networking


Opening Remarks

Faris Mubarak


Artificial Intelligence

Dr. Javier Turek


Keynote Part 1:
Science of Intelligence

Mounir Shita




Guest Speaker:
Synthetic consciousness

Elan Taylor


Keynote Part 2:
ASI and the future of humanity

Mounir Shita


Panel Discussion

MOderator: Allyson Klein


Post-Event Networking

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