Beyond Ideas
The paintbrush once revolutionized how visions and emotions were translated into art, while digital technology liberated creation from physical constraints. Now, Artificial Intelligence opens new vistas, transforming raw emotion and vision into profound art without traditional barriers, merging human creativity with the infinite possibilities of technology.
Cerebral Sips is not just an event; it's a glimpse into the future of artificial intelligence and its interplay with our world—where art forms an integral part of this visionary experience. We invite local artists, who incorporate AI tools into at least 30% of their creation process, to display and potentially sell their artworks to an engaged audience.

Participating artists will also join a panel discussion to share insights on the evolution of art through AI tools and to express their perspectives on integrating such technologies into their creative process.

To express your interest in participating, please complete the form below, ensuring you include a URL to your existing portfolio. We stipulate that any artwork presented at a Cerebral Sips event must be original and not previously available online or offline. Furthermore, if your work is sold, it must remain exclusive to the buyer—ensuring they acquire a unique piece.
Exihibt Your Art

Present your art to an audience that appreciates the intersection of technology and creativity. A perfect backdrop for your AI-inspired pieces.

Sell Your Art

Offer your art for sale and let Cerebral Sips handle the transaction details. You only need a method to receive funds, making it seamless to profit from your creativity.

Voice Your Vision

Be part of our AI Art Panel—discuss the evolving landscape of AI in art and share your insights on the future of this dynamic field.

Connect & Inspire

Boost your art sales by engaging directly with attendees at our cocktail networking event, offering personal insights into your creative journey and artwork.


In keeping with our focus on promoting local artistry, we typically do not cover transportation or shipping costs for artworks. We prioritize local artists who can bring their creations to the event, showcasing the talent within the local community. However, exceptions may be made for artists whose work demonstrates extraordinary skill or presents themes of considerable intrigue related to AI. In these select cases, we may offer assistance with logistics or other support to ensure your art can be featured at our event.

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