Beyond Ideas
Global Economic Alliance stands at the vanguard of transformative research, with Cerebral Sips serving as our beacon, illuminating the path to a brighter future through the power of shared knowledge. Together, we're not just envisioning a better world — we're actively building it, one insightful share at a time.

About global economic alliance

Welcome to the Global Economic Alliance (GEA), a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to the forefront of research in artificial superintelligence (ASI), pioneering new economic theories like Cognitism, and exploring innovative governance models. At GEA, we believe in a future where technology and humanity converge to create a world of prosperity, equity, and sustainable growth.

Our Mission: Beyond Imagination
GEA's mission is to harness the transformative potential of ASI research, aiming to elevate humanity into a future where every individual can achieve unparalleled growth and fulfillment. We envision transcending the limitations of traditional economic systems and governance models, leveraging technology to foster a society where collective well-being is the cornerstone.

GEA: A Living Laboratory
GEA operates as a living laboratory, rigorously testing ideas that will shape the future. Through real-world pilot projects, we delve into ASI's societal integration, develop the economic model of Cognitism, and explore novel governance frameworks. These initiatives lay the groundwork for scalable innovations that promise to benefit the entire planet.

About cerebral sips

Cerebral Sips serves as the dynamic outreach and fundraising division of GEA, tasked with the mission to disseminate our cutting-edge research in scientific, engineering, economic, and governance domains to a global audience. Through engaging events, innovative channels, and the sale of specialty beverages and publications, Cerebral Sips invites the public into meaningful dialogue, broadening knowledge and building a community eager to contribute to shaping the future.

In addition to playing a pivotal role in making our groundbreaking research accessible, Cerebral Sips is also vital in driving the financial sustainability of our initiatives. Revenue generated from event tickets, beverage sales, and the distribution of our published works directly supports the ongoing research and real-life testing of new technologies, economic models, and governance systems.

By consciously choosing not to take capital from investors or corporations, we ensure that our research remains protected against the pressures of short-term profit requirements. This approach allows us to focus on the long-term needs of the human race, dedicating our efforts to projects that promise the most significant benefits to society over time. Each contribution, whether through attending an event, purchasing a beverage, or acquiring a publication, becomes a direct investment in a future where decisions are made for the welfare of humanity, not immediate financial gain.

The Cerebral Sips Experience
Demystifying Science for All

Every Cerebral Sips event showcases presenters adept at demystifying complex scientific and engineering principles, translating them into plain English. This ensures everyone, regardless of their background, can grasp and appreciate the groundbreaking work leading us towards a future intertwined with superintelligence.

Sip & Ponder

Rest assured, this is no classroom lecture. Unwind with a fine wine or delve into our craft cocktails, each designed to echo a concept from the Theory of General Intelligence. It's an invitation to relax and engage, all while enjoying a drink that's as thought-provoking as our discussions.

Science-First Approach

Engage with the pinnacle of foundational science research, leading the charge towards the realization of Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) and Artificial Superintelligence (ASI). Experience firsthand the groundbreaking advancements and theories through presentations by leading experts, setting the stage for the intelligent systems of the future.

Innovation Next Door

Discover the passionate efforts of local researchers in your community who are diligently working towards a more intelligent future. Each event shines a spotlight on their groundbreaking work, bringing to light the significant contributions made close to home.

Engage and Inspire

The ASI experience extends beyond the final presentation. Engage in enriching discussions about your newfound insights with peers during the cocktail networking event concluding the evening. It's an opportunity to connect, share perspectives, and deepen your understanding in an inviting atmosphere.

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