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Press Release: Science of Intelligence Portland

Unveiling the Mysteries of Intelligence: Science of Intelligence Lecture Tour

Portland, OR, February 6, 2024 - - Embark on a transformative journey from the vast cosmos to the intricate realm of quantum physics to uncover the essence of the nature of intelligence and its potential in powering thinking machines.

The 'Science of Intelligence' lecture series at Bethany Public House in Portland, OR uniquely blends this exploration with the enjoyment of fine wine. Designed for the curious mind, this lecture requires no prior knowledge of science, making it the perfect blend of education and entertainment for the general audience.

This event offers a deep dive into the scientific and philosophical underpinnings of the universe, intelligence, and its potential to foster true artificial general intelligence. With a focus on making these concepts accessible, it aims to illuminate how such advancements promise to revolutionize our planet and move humanity forward.

“Artificial General Intelligence, or superintelligence, will be the first technology to allow humankind to reimagine and implement a new way of living. AGI will change everything, from scientific research, education, criminal justice, governance, and more. Getting it right will be imperative,” says Mounir Shita, the main lecturer of the event.

Event Highlights:

  • Introduction by Windy Hazell: Kickstart the evening with insights from the distinguished host.
  • Presentation by Mounir Shita: Dive deep into the essence of intelligence with Mounir Shita, an acclaimed thought leader in the field of AI. Shita's work focuses on the intersection of quantum mechanics and artificial general intelligence, offering profound insights into the future of cognitive technology.
  • Panel Discussion: Join Elan Taylor, a researcher on AGI and consciousness, alongside Mounir Shita to discuss the AGI and the societal impact of such powerful technology.
  • Networking Session: Conclude the evening by connecting with fellow attendees, speakers, and panelists over a selection of fine wines.

About the Presenter and Panelists:

Windy Hazell (Panel Moderator): With an extensive background in hosting public speaking events and a passion for technology, Windy Hazell brings a unique perspective to the discussion as our panel moderator. Her commitment to clear communication ensures that the evening's conversation will be engaging and enlightening for everyone, regardless of their scientific background. Windy's role is to demystify the topics at hand, making sure that the wonders of AI and intelligence are conveyed in a manner that resonates with our diverse audience.

Mounir Shita: A pioneer in the study of artificial intelligence, Shita's groundbreaking work aims to bridge the gap between the nature of intelligence and AGI. His vision for a future where technology enhances human potential has captivated audiences worldwide.

Elan Taylor: Renowned for his research in robotics and the consciousness of AI, Taylor's research delves into the ethical implications and possibilities of sentient machines.

Date, Time, and Venue:

The event will be hosted in the Banquet Room at Bethany Public House just off the Bethany/Cornell exit off Hwy 26.

Date:               Friday February 23, 2024

Time:              6.30 PM to 9 PM

Address:         Bethany Public House, 4840 NW Bethany Blvd, Portland, OR 97229

Admission:     FREE tickets. Food and drinks available for purchase.

FREE Tickets:

For more information and to reserve your spot, visit

Don't miss this unparalleled opportunity to explore the science of intelligence in an atmosphere of sophistication and curiosity. Join us for an evening where the wonders of the mind meet the pleasure of the palate.

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