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Explore Artificial Superintelligence's future impact on humanity at an evening showcasing advanced research, exclusive AI art, and curated craft cocktails & fine wine.

The Future of Humanity & Our Planet Is Our Passion

Imagine stepping into a future where the world itself adapts to your needs. Not just the room you're in or the devices you use, but the entire planet, seamlessly and intelligently responding to you. This is the vision of a future powered by global ambient intelligence, where life is not just lived but experienced in harmony with an environment that understands and caters to your every need.

In this world, the boundaries between technology and nature blur, creating a planet that feels like it exists solely for you. Your surroundings anticipate your desires, adapting in real-time to provide support, inspiration, and comfort. It's a place where the collective intelligence of humanity and the planet work together, ensuring that while the Earth tends to your needs, you're also nurturing it back to health and balance.

This isn't just a dream. The Global Economic Alliance (GEA) stands at the forefront of this vision, as a non-profit research organization dedicated to pioneering advancements in artificial superintelligence and the development of post-capitalistic economic theories. These innovations hold the key to unlocking this remarkable future for our coming generations. Cerebral Sips, the vibrant event arm of GEA, plays a crucial role in this journey. Here, we showcase the latest scientific, engineering, and economic research to the public. Our aim is not just to enlighten but to gather support that fuels our ongoing research, ensuring our path forward remains untainted by the influence of big money. Through Cerebral Sips, we invite you to be part of a movement that's reshaping the world, one discovery at a time.

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DALL·E 2024-04-05 06.18.37 - Create a refined image that subtly incorporates elements of artificial superintelligence into the serene interaction between a human and advanced tech
Artificial Superintelligence & its Impact On Humanity Event Tour
In the quest for artificial superintelligence, the field of artificial intelligence research currently navigates without clear scientific underpinnings, lacking a formal theory or concrete definition of intelligence itself. How can we aim to engineer intelligence without a foundational understanding of its essence? The Global Economic Alliance (GEA) has taken on this challenge, focusing our initial research on unraveling the nature of intelligence. Our pioneering effort has led to the development of the Theory of General Intelligence, a theory anchored in quantum mechanics, poised to shed light on the mysteries of intelligence across any being in the universe.

 This gathering is designed to be both thought-provoking and sensory, blending scientific inquiry with artistic expression, all accompanied by the finest selections of wine and craft cocktails. It offers an engaging platform for contemplating the future of intelligence in a setting that appeals to both the mind and the senses.
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Believeing you can engineer artificial superintelligence without a scientific definition of intelligence might just be the ultimate definition of stupidity!

- Mounir Shita
Chief Scientist, GEA

Master Algorithm
Master Algorithm
The Master Algorithm, as explored in the "Science of Intelligence," proposes an intriguing notion: that a singular, universal process could underpin all forms of intelligence, from the human mind to the most advanced artificial superintelligences of the future. This concept is a cornerstone of the broader Theory of General Intelligence, which seeks to unify our understanding of intelligence across various domains.

Picture a sophisticated algorithm capable of learning from and adapting to any situation by understanding the cause-and-effect relationships that govern reality. By applying this knowledge, such an algorithm could theoretically navigate and manipulate its environment to achieve complex goals. This Master Algorithm wouldn't just replicate human intelligence; it would offer a blueprint for creating machines with the potential to surpass human cognitive abilities in every aspect. This represents a bold step towards not only comprehending but also engineering intelligence on a cosmic scale, setting the stage for advancements in AI that we're only beginning to imagine.
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